Aaron Levenstadt

Chief Strategist

As our Chief Strategist, Aaron’s knowledge of search strategy and web data runs deep. Before launching Pedestal, Aaron was a founding member of Google’s Analytics-Search-AdWords team at Google’s HQ in Mountain View, CA. At Google, Aaron advised Google’s most important advertisers on the best use of search and web analytics. Aaron also sat on product teams for Google’s natural and paid search products – helping to develop pivotal elements of Google’s paid and natural search engines. He knows the engines through and through.

Aaron holds a law degree from the University of Toronto and a BA from Stanford University. Stemming from his time in California, Aaron has developed a penchant for really spicy Mexican food (which means our office lunches are often dangerous).

Mathieu Dubuc


Mat is an integral part of Pedestal. All day you’ll find him either tinkering away to make the whole system here work, or finding new ways to do things even better. Whatever your question, he can probably answer it for you.

Emma Cimmolini

Account Strategist

Emma is an experienced digital marketer with a background in SEO/SEM, social media, content and website design. She completed her marketing degree at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. One of Emma’s favourite things about her role is learning about the unique business challenges of our clients and how overcome them through digital. Emma is originally from BC, but still has no idea how to ski.

Rob Iannone

Account Strategist

Rob joins Pedestal with a background in web development and Internet Marketing Technology offering him the breadth of experience necessary to be a successful account manager. Rob only survived two Toronto winters before fleeing back to Vancouver to help open our new west coast office.

Ian Rubenzhal

Account Strategist

Ian works with clients to realize the maximum value from their digital marketing strategy. A part of a strong Pedestal team with multi-channel expertise, Ian keeps the key performance indicators clearly in his sight.

Dave Andrews

Digital Strategist

Awards in Interactive Advertising and Creative Direction. Dave moved from copywriting in the traditional advertising industry to digital marketing. He enjoys driving and adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape with his Pedestal teammates.

Paul Boychuk


Paul creates web content in order to drive qualified, organic traffic to your online business. Nothing gets Paul out of bed faster than seeing one of his blogs or long-form articles start to generate qualified leads for one his clients. That, and lunch Wednesdays at the office!

Julie Bessiere

Paid Media Specialist

Julie joined Pedestal with a wide range of digital experience including paid search, paid social and website optimization. Her keen eye for detail and absolute love of excel make her the perfect fit for our data-driven PPC programs. Hailing from Paris, her quintessential French accent and quirky laugh make her one of DSM’s most charming team members.

Sarah Youssefi

PPC Specialist

Sarah specializes in SEM and thrives on learning consumer behavior to continue to drive efficient conversions for her clients. When she’s not optimizing she enjoys Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Julian Apong

Designer and Developer

Julian creates versatile, adaptive and standards-compliant websites, and has over a decade of creative development and design experience. He enjoys bad jokes, even after they’ve stopped being funny.