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The Future of Mobile SEO: 2023 Trends and Technologies

Brittany Charbonneau Writer at Pedestal Search

Brittany Charbonneau Writer

March 15, 2023 | 5 Min Read

Article updated on April 4, 2023

In 2023, there will be new emerging trends and technologies in mobile SEO, such as augmented reality, mobile-first indexing, and mobile apps. How will these trends impact search engine rankings going forward? Maintain pace using the knowledge in this article because mobile trends and expectations change often. Don’t neglect this side of mobile SEO optimization or competitors will rise in the rankings.

The importance of mobile SEO optimization

Google is now focused on a mobile-first index strategy to crawl mobile websites and direct users to the most relevant sources. This is the first and main reason why mobile SEO optimization is crucial and remains so in 2023. Google uses mobile content specifically on a website to do its ranking. 
  • Online traffic is 70 percent mobile users making this the majority. As the saying goes, go where the people are.
  • Do this well, because 62 percent of people are less likely to purchase if they have a negative experience.
  • When people are feeling impulsive and want to buy something, 65 percent of them will use their phones. It’s easily accessible, as should be the brand they’re searching for.
Mobile-friendliness isn’t just about websites anymore. Successful brands will develop an app customers can use to make their shopping experience much more focused. Over 71 percent of users will use either the retailer’s website or app, so it’s best to have them.

The use of mobile devices for searches is also driving sales. Product review searches have increased by 35 percent over the last two years as users decide which product is best. Speaking of what’s best, keywords that include “best” have been searched for 80 percent more on mobile devices over the last two years. On video reviews, people have around 50,000 years of watch time.

Mobile SEO techniques to follow in 2023

Know what keywords are thriving

As mentioned, keywords that include the word “best” in them, such as “best hair curling iron,” are performing well as users search for the product that will match their needs. Google has also noted that “near me” searches grew by 130 percent as people search for local SEO results.

Optimizing mobile media  

The media used to display on mobile devices can’t be the same as on desktops. That might have been the way of things in the past, but it won’t work now. Mobile SEO techniques should include a focus on altered or unique media for mobile devices. They should work well on smaller screens, be easily navigable, and not slow down or negatively affect the rest of the website.

Appeal to voice search

Alongside the growth of mobile search is voice search, easily promoted by mobile content if done correctly. When people use voice search, they generally speak in full sentences, as opposed to when they search for keywords in a search bar. To take advantage of this, use FAQ sections with full questions and answers.

Apply technical SEO

To look good to Google’s crawling spiders, format each page properly using headers to highlight content hierarchy. This also helps people who are skimming a page find the information they need. And it’s a mobile SEO strategy to show up in featured snippets which garners more attention.

Testing mobile SEO techniques

Once new SEO trends have been addressed, test how the page speed is performing using Google’s mobile speed test. Ideally, the desktop and mobile speed scores will either be at the high end of the average range, (seventy-five to eighty-nine) or in the fast range (ninety to 100).

If the page speed is sub-par try compressing images, combining or reducing code, and using caching to load pages faster.

Next, use Google’s mobile-friendly test to determine how well it’s performing after mobile SEO optimizations. Also check what Google’s ability to crawl the website is like by logging into the Google Search Console and navigating to Crawl, Crawl Errors, and Smartphone.

Lastly, get information straight from the source, potential users of the mobile website. Have users test the navigation of the site and provide honest feedback in return for a discount or small gift. These strategies will cover all grounds of mobile-friendliness.

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Brittany Charbonneau Writer at Pedestal Search

Brittany Charbonneau