Search is in our DNA

Our story started at Google, where the modern era of digital marketing was born.

Pedestal bridges the gap between your company and your customers. Our experts develop and execute search marketing strategies that help you drive profitable growth & build trust.

Our Story
Our Story

Founded by Googlers

Our story started at Google, where the modern era of digital marketing was born. Google’s ethos, and its success, was rooted in providing searchers with the best possible experience.

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Today we leverage our expertise to develop and execute search marketing strategies that drive growth & make our clients’ businesses more discoverable and profitable.

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Pedestal is the official digital marketing partner of Bruce Croxon from CBC’s Dragon’s Den, BNN’s The Disruptors, and Round 13 Capital. Digital Marketing Case Study Banner
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Pedestal isn’t just a name, it’s who we are. Most people are familiar with the word, but not everyone knows the origin. The use of pedestals dates back to ancient Rome, and that’s where we find our meaning. The Romans erected their temples on pedestals. While everything else in the city was even, the temples stood a level above. The temples were the most important asset in their culture. The purpose of the pedestals was to show this off by making temples stand out from everything else. When anyone visited a city or village, their attention would immediately be drawn to the temple. Today, we do the same for our clients. But their most valuable assets are their websites. Websites are their temples, and PPC, SEO & Digital Marketing are the pedestals upon which they are raised. As a result, they draw the attention of more visitors.