Storelli and Pedestal teamed up to drive more visitors and revenue through organic search and to optimize their paid advertising efforts. Storelli already had an established presence in the online soccer world but wanted Pedestal to help scale their customer acquisition efforts using our SEO and PPC systems.

Program Goals

  • Achieve improved discoverability on Google Search through a program of content optimization leveraging Pedestal’s LIFT Optimization System and spam backlink monitoring.
  • Expand and develop PPC keyword focuses and bidding strategies to drive more purchases while decreasing the Cost-Per-Acquisition.
  • Identify and leverage new opportunities on Organic and Paid Search to drive more productive traffic.

Pedestal’s Programming

Pedestal began by running an organic and paid search Audit and Opportunity Assessment on Storelli and its competitors to develop a comprehensive program. On the organic search side, Pedestal is leveraging its SEO-Driven LIFT Content Optimization System to increase Storelli’s rank on competitive search terms and attract net new visitors to the website by positioning Storelli more productively on intent-laden search queries.   For Paid Search, we ran a full audit of their existing Google Ads account and audited their competitors to determine the most lucrative keywords to target. Our rigorous testing allowed us to optimize the bidding strategy to significantly decrease their CPA over time. We also identified new paid channels to leverage, Bing and Quora, to reach new audiences.   We designed Storelli’s program so that organic and paid work together in tandem. The insights we gathered from Storelli’s paid tactics were used to further optimize their organic SEO strategy, and have helped to power our LIFT SEO Optimization System.


Within the first six months Storelli is experiencing:  
  • 113% increase in revenue generated directly from organic traffic
  • 52% increase in organic traffic
  • 57% increase in organic users
  • 20% of all organic traffic is now being driven into the website via a LIFT-optimized webpage
  • 30% decrease in CPA


“Since teaming up with Pedestal we have experienced marked increases in online visibility for our brand. We are driving more productive traffic at a lower cost with Pedestal’s LIFT System engaged. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Pedestal going forward to help us continue to scale our company online.” – Claudio Storelli, Founder & CEO, Storelli

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