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Boost Traffic with SEO for Fintech Strategies

Carl Hiehn Senior Account Strategist at Pedestal Search

Carl Hiehn Senior Account Strategist

August 25, 2022 | 5 Min Read

Article updated on April 3, 2023

Remember when SEO started as the big thing a few years back? The pull of tailoring content in line with users’ search queries became impossible to resist. The trend continues to be as popular today, strengthening its role across industries, including the financial technology (fintech) space.

SEO for Fintech is an essential digital marketing channel for capturing new, high-intent audiences. In this article, we’re going to shed light on Fintech SEO—what it is, how you can build a solid foundation, and why it plays an important role as a part of your overall SEO content strategy.

What’s unique about SEO for Fintech

SEO optimization for financial websites takes a more sophisticated role. There are some unique challenges faced while building SEO for Fintech.

As a Fintech player, if you create an SEO-optimized page with incorrect financial advice or inaccurate information about financial products and services, it could affect people’s financial health. Google’s algorithm closely scrutinizes and penalizes such sites. Additionally, optimizing your web pages for search becomes even more complex amid the regulatory challenges inherent to the financial industry.

Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines view Fintech companies as part of the ‘Your Money Or Your Life’ (YMYL). This criterion covers sites with content that drives users’ critical decisions related to health, life, and financial stability, such as those in the legal, health, and finance niches. Therefore, the expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T) of the financial services website have to be strong.

Essential Fintech content marketing strategies for financial services

SEO for financial websites is not just about brand awareness and traffic building. SEO for Fintech should enable you to reach the right audience at the right time—across different stages of the buyer’s journey—and convert potential leads into loyal customers.

Whether you’re in insurance, lending, personal finance, consumer banking, or any other facet of the Fintech industry, there are some additional aspects to weave into your SEO content strategy. Here are some of the proven SEO tips and tricks to elevate your search ranking and secure new customers:

1. On-site: Align keyword research with user intent

The idea here is to create a list of possible SEO keywords to target, that are in line with user intent across the buyer’s journey. Start by answering these questions across the sales funnel:
  • What are the pain areas of customers?
  • What language do they use to describe your products and input their searches?
  • How do they typically ask questions about their problems or your products?
Next, it’s important to choose search terms based on search volume and competition and optimize them across URL, title tag, meta description, and image alt tags. Keep in mind that Google rewards quality content and frowns on keyword stuffing.

2. Off-site SEO: Focus on leveraging backlinks

Quality link building is essential to your SEO strategy. Backlinks help increase the domain authority of your website, as they suggest to Google that your content is expert, authoritative, and trustworthy. Here’s what you need to take care of to succeed in link building:
  • Earn inbound links—links from reputable sites—by writing guest posts for prominent websites
  • Share your opinion as a thought leader with finance publications, like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Money, CNN Money, MarketWatch, and TheStreet
  • Provide outbound links—links to authentic sites—by additional information on your topic and giving credits to the original source.

3. Technical SEO: Improve your website’s security and technical performance

Search engines prioritize fast-loading websites because they’re easier to access. Besides, given the sensitive information handling, Google recognizes sites that take care of data breaches and security threats. Here’s how you can provide a secured digital channel for Fintech customers to gain expert financial knowledge and conduct frictionless banking transactions:
  • Take care of data security and regulatory aspects while dealing with sensitive customer information
  • Ensure a mobile-friendly structure and maintain optimum page load speed to enhance user experience (UX)

Fintech content marketing strategy

Another facet of SEO for fintech companies is a disciplined and rigorous approach to content marketing. While defining a Fintech content marketing strategy, it’s crucial to pay close attention to quality and trust factors. If you ignore them, you’ll be outranked by disruptive players.

Let’s look at a few considerations to keep in mind while developing a fintech content marketing strategy:

1. Have financial experts write your content

Subject matter experts in your content team can elevate your content strategy. Here’s how:
  • Win users’ trust with high-quality and relevant content
  • Build credibility through the experience of understanding audience pain points
  • Educate readers on realistic solutions in the form of financial knowledge/guidance, products, and services
  • Update sensitive data and relevant information on the site

2. Establish yourself as a thought leader

In a field like Fintech, authority is key to establishing trustworthiness and credibility. Elevating yourself as an authority or thought leader in the field can increase your SEO results.

While crafting marketing strategies for Fintech companies, here’s how you can position yourself as a thought leader:
  • Share original research to add value to the field
  • Create unique content with exclusive analysis and deep insights
  • Have a distinct opinion on trending issues
  • Draft a white paper: a medium-length report that educates readers about a complex issue

Support your content with legal disclaimersWith evolving legal and consumer protection landscape, here’s how you can guard your content from legal risks:

  • Create a dedicated privacy policy and terms and conditions page
  • Support advertisements with proper legal disclosures in accordance with financial services laws
  • Add relevant copyright details in the website footer
In the highly regulated and competitive Fintech space, you need to have a robust SEO strategy to stand out and win. If you get your SEO right, you’re able to outrank your competitors.

Are you looking to increase traffic and win high-intent audiences and customers to your Fintech website? We specialize in B2B SEO services for financial service businesses and help them tap significant ranking opportunities. Contact us now and we’d be happy to help you!

SEO for Fintech FAQs

What should my main focus be when developing an SEO content strategy for my Fintech company

SEO for Fintech stakes are higher than other industries since Google views it as more important to the user. The main focus should include aligning keyword strategies with user intent, leveraging quality backlinks from authority figures, and ensuring a secure and reputable website. Further, it’s important to have content written only by financial experts, establish the business as a thought leader, and support the business with legal disclaimers.


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Carl Hiehn Senior Account Strategist at Pedestal Search

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