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Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder

May 14, 2014 | 5 Min Read

Article updated on August 25, 2022

Another year gone by and another round of changes in how we conduct SEO is upon us. It’s a big year for professionals in the SEO and content marketing world. Content marketers are needing to take mores active role in how they portray sites.   As a professional, an enormous share of your business is dependent on SEO. And the old SEO rule book just went out the window.   Today, content marketing strategies for professionals rely on new tools and techniques. There is a greater focus on Google+ and location, so let’s get started!

Your content marketing plan

Content marketing is how you’ll be moving forward in this year. Content marketing is how you will differentiate yourself from your competitors. Word of mouth has taken a backseat to content and referrals have moved online. Professionals used to depend on word of mouth to prove their expertise. Now the trend is to earn trust online. People place more faith in search results on Google. The higher you rank, the more trust earned in your business. To outrank competitors on Google, you will need powerful SEO strategies. It is important to diversify content as well as the keywords used within. modern content marketing plan looks at keywords in clusters or categories. Algorithm updates changed how search engines read keywords. Search engines are better able to understand keyword variants. This has a double-edged effect. The downside is that overuse of the same keyword throughout an article can make a page appear spammy. The upside is that there is an opportunity to rank on more keywords in a post. Aim to optimize for keywords clusters instead of individual keywords. Writing is only one element of content marketing. Supplement written content, or combining, with video or images for a big impact on SEO.
images improve search engine rank
Visual improve engagement & search rank
Use images in your content. Images make an article look more reputable than its competition. New customers don’t  find you by name, they find you through the articles that you write. So you must do your best to make them stand out! Which brings me to my next point…

Google+ will make or break your content marketing plan

Google+, the biggest social media site that nobody seems to use. Except people are using it, and to great success! Google is the largest and most popular search engine, making it a huge source of incoming leads for your business. That’s why we want to do our best to make you stand out in search and that’s where Google+ can help. Registering your business with Google+ gets you access to these three key features:
  • Authorship
  • Places
  • Reviews
In 2018, the authorship feature has less impact. Places and reviews, on the other hand, have become even more important. People trust reviews online as much as word of mouth recommendations. And local SEO is an essential part of any content marketing campaign.   Take advantage of these features to make your content marketing more effective. In a search for Google’s campus in California, we can see how they’ve done a great job of taking advantage of Google+.   The first thing we notice is the beautiful and large map showing Google’s address. Anybody searching for Google’s head office in California can instantly discover the location. This comes by making a Google+ account for your company and inputting “places” information. Next, we see that their Google+ profile picture is visible in the results. This comes from your authorship account.

Posts with images get clicks

Any piece of content that you put out, is accompanied with a name and picture prominently displayed in search results, giving a credibility advantage when the articles are seen in search. People are much more likely to click on the article with a picture than without. Finally, we have their ratings and reviews. As a business owner, you have numerous satisfied clients that are willing to offer up referrals and recommendations. Google+ lets people see these recommendations in your search result. Again, we’re providing as much information as possible to a potential client right in the search results. Reviews are made available once you input your “places” information. Your customers can then comment and refer to your business through Google. Google+ and content marketing now form an integral part of your public relations as someone offering professional services. The articles that you put out are your new weapons in the war against your competitors. The more advanced your weapon, the better you’ll do. Combine Google+ with your marketing campaign to make your content more effective. Improve your reputation as a professional and get a leg up on the competition.


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Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

Aaron Levenstadt

CEO & Founder

Aaron Levenstadt completed his degree in Statistical & Data Science at Stanford University. That focus has given him an unparalleled data-driven approach to search engine digital marketing. Prior to founding Pedestal Search, Aaron worked at Google at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View California. At Google he worked on the Organic Search, Paid Search and Google Analytics products, which equipped him with extensive knowledge of the mechanisms driving Google’s algorithm and other internet search engines.