Effective keyword research

Keyword research is integral to a successful digital marketing strategy. It empowers you to discover actionable intelligence about your search landscape.  The first place you can utilize keyword research is on your existing pages.

Before you can begin to create keyword rich content, optimize the content you have.  This is done by updating titles and meta tags to include your chosen keywords. As well as utilizing those keywords within the actual content of your site’s pages.

Keep keyword research fresh

While conducting the research itself is important, perhaps even more so, is ensuring that you continue to do keyword research on a regular basis. Constantly update your keyword research to account for changing trends within ranking algorithms and your industry and changing behaviours within your target audience.  Up-to-date keyword research will also help to power your content creation efforts.  Learn more about running keyword research reports.

Content creation that is powered by keyword research is the best way to give your audience engaging and relevant information. To create content on a regular basis that is infused with powerful keywords can be a significant challenge. So you should keep your keyword research current to keep things fresh.  This also allows you to leverage real-time trends within your industry, ensuring that you will capture increased traffic and stay top of mind with your audience.

A company utilizing keyword research is a nimble, agile company that is quick to evolve and adapt to changing trends.