Is the professionally-designed website for your law practice going unnoticed?

Digital marketing efforts including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are more important than ever. The first 5 results from a search engine account for 67.60% of clicks, while positions 6-10 only get 4%.

Your competitors are actively vying to be in this lucrative space. If you don’t make digital marketing a priority in 2019, you are missing out on huge potential to grow your practice.

To get an edge in your discoverability online, you should look to digital marketing pros with a proven track record of helping law firms generate more clients. Pedestal Search was founded by a lawyer and ex-Googler and we have helped law practices of all sizes boost their online credibility and discoverability.

Our proprietary LIFT program combines SEO and PPC to get your law practice noticed.

Law Firm SEO Web Traffic Growth
SEO website traffic growth

Law Firm SEO: Rank Above Your Competition

We can help your law practice rank higher for potential clients searching for legal services in your city and area of law. We do this by leveraging SEO opportunities that we identify as part of our 4-stage LIFT SEO program.


1. Lay the Foundation

The first step is to perform an SEO audit. We uncover any technical factors on your website that are preventing you from ranking higher in search and fix them for you.

We also help you optimize your web presence for Local SEO. This ensures that you will be ranked higher on searches for legal services in your area.


2. Identify Needs & Opportunities

No matter how high your competitors’ search rankings are, we identify strong online ranking opportunities to lift your name higher.

Our LIFT research tools discover the keywords and search phrases that are important for your business.

For example: The phrase “criminal lawyer” would be difficult to rank for, but “top criminal lawyer in Minnesota” may present a fast ranking opportunity.

We boost your brand quickly by exploiting less competitive search terms, while simultaneously building up your authority for competitive terms. We also help build backlinks to your website to boost your authority in the eyes of search engines.


3. Fully-Targeted Legal Content

We create a content marketing strategy that builds up your search presence and positions you as an authority in your area of expertise.

Our team of experienced writers produces authoritative content on prominent issues in your area of law. We strategically place the keywords we identified to help search engines recognize your expertise.

Our LIFT System at work:

Pedestal LIFT SEO Checking System  

4. Trenchant Optimization

We continually refine your program based on the analytics provided both by SEO and PPC. The advantage of running both in tandem is that the data from one strategy informs the other, helping your brand grow even faster.

SEO takes some time to show results, but when it takes off you can expect to rely less on paid advertising.


PPC: Immediate Visibility For Your Law Practice


In this day in age, you do have to pay to play.

On Google Search, the top 3 paid advertising spots get 46% of the clicks on the page

Allocating budget for paid advertising ensures that your firm will be found online at the right time in the right place to earn clicks.

While the cost-per-click in the legal domain can be high, we manage PPC campaigns with longtail keyword focuses and optimization over time to bring in more qualified leads at a lower cost.


We can help you advertise your law firm through:

  • Google Search
  • Website Display Ads
  • Video Advertising
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

If you don’t know which networks to target, we will help you identify the networks to focus on that will generate quality leads out of the gate.

Why Pedestal? We Were Founded By a Lawyer and Ex-Googler

Our founder Aaron Levenstadt is a lawyer who also worked directly on the search algorithm at Google. We understand how to market law firms in the digital era to boost their discoverability and profitability.

The sooner you start working towards boosting your online presence, the easier it will be.

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