Local SEO for medical practices is a digital marketing strategy that you can leverage to attract new patients in your local community by helping them to discover and learn about your practice.

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A Toronto based local search engine optimization (SEO) program will optimize your medical practice website. This will help it to rank well on the search engine results pages (SERPs) when users perform a local search for medical services.

Local SEO for medical practices is achieved through a strategic combination of:

The result of a data driven and well executed local SEO strategy will be that the local community will discover your clinic when they search for medical services.

Improve your rank on Google.

It is necessary to receive a high rank on Google’s SERPs if you want to increase website traffic because 75% of Google searchers will not look past the first results page.

By achieving a rank near the top of the SERPs, your website will gain more visitors. These can then be converted into leads and new patients.

A local SEO strategy will help your practice to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

In 2014, there were 8,398 practicing physicians in Toronto. By optimizing your website for local SEO, your practice will stay at the forefront of local searches for medical services.

Help patients in your community find your practice when they need your services.

Unlike more traditional forms of advertising like print ads and radio spots that push their message at consumers, a local SEO strategy reverses the process. With the local SEO method, the consumer begins the engagement procedure. Local SEO will increase the visibility of your website so that when a patient is looking for the services that you offer, they will find your practice. This is known as inbound marketing.

The advantage of this approach is that it drives qualified traffic to your medical practice’s website. What this means is that a consumer chose to search for local services to fulfill a specific need. This searcher is at the consideration or research phase of the buyer’s journey. When they find your website, they are much more likely to convert to a lead or a patient because they are actively looking for your services.

Optimize your website for improved engagement and user experience.

There are a variety of elements that Google will measure before determining where your site will rank on the SERPs. User experience–often abbreviated as UX–makes a considerable impact on ranking. An exceptional UX includes straightforward navigation, unique and relevant content, functionality across all devices, and fast page loading times.

A local seo service will perform a website audit so you can determine if any of these components of your site are problematic. Resolving any issues will improve your site’s performance and Google rank. However, doing so presents the added benefit of making the navigation of your website a more enjoyable experience for the user. This will translate to improved user engagement, and can increase leads.

Establish credibility and trust for your medical practice in the community.

Cultivating online clinic reviews is beneficial for your practice. Google takes positive reviews into consideration when determining SERPs rank.

Citation sites are local or national websites that publish citations and consumer reviews for businesses. A citation is simply a mention of a business online. By submitting your medical office information–name, address, phone number, website–to these listings, your rank on Google will improve. Two of the more popular citation sites in Canada that invite users to publish reviews are Yellow Pages and Yelp.

Not only will accumulating positive reviews help your search engine ranking, it will also develop credibility for your practice, and the trust of the people in your community. A study published in 2015 stated that of respondents surveyed, 68% place more trust in businesses with positive reviews. Consider submitting your information to citation sites, as well as asking your current patients to write reviews of your clinic. This guide can provide further ideas about the process of accruing online reviews.

Leverage a local SEO service for your medical practice.

By optimizing your website for local search, publishing timely and relevant content, and listing your clinic information on citation sites, you will gain a significant return on investment. Increase your patient base and grow your practice with a local SEO service in 2018.