Pedestal is more than a name, it’s who we are. While most people are familiar with the word, not everyone knows the origin. The word we use today comes from the Italian piedistallo. It’s a compound word combining pied(foot), di(of), and stallo(stand). It’s most directly translated as footstall. But it’s best known for it’s ancient roots. The use of pedestals dates back to ancient Rome, and that’s where we find our meaning. The Romans Erected their temples on pedestals. While everything else in the city was even, the temples stood a level above.
The Temples In ancient Rome, temples were the most important asset in their culture. It was their most impressive architecture and the core of the community. The ceremonies and offerings at the Roman temples promised good harvests, the city’s well-being. The temples were a source of pride and the Romans sought to show them off to visitors.
The Pedestals Pedestals are an elevated base. The temples were built upon pedestals to make them stand out, above everything else. When anyone visited a city or village, their attention would immediately be drawn to the temple. With the aid of pedestals, these temples are still drawing global visitors today.
Today, we are pedestals for our clients and their temples are their websites. Through PPC, SEO, and Digital Marketing we build a platform to raise their website. So they stand out from all the others, drawing the attention of more visitors. It’s why our expanding clientele trusts us with their most valuable assets, their websites. How do you drive more profitable traffic to your website? You place it on a Pedestal.
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