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Google Ads for B2B Lead Generation

Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder

January 17, 2023 | 5 Min Read

Article updated on February 1, 2023

B2B PPC campaigns are not the same as B2C campaigns as they aim to trigger a wider range of actions that keep prospects moving along their buyer journey rather than just making a purchase. There are a few possible strategies to make PPC campaigns suitable for B2B lead generation. Read more to find out how to implement one of these strategies.

PPC campaigns with Google Ads

Google Ads offers businesses the option to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, a process where the ad is only paid for by the business when it’s clicked on by a potential lead. The traffic from a PPC ad creates 50 percent more conversions than an organic search does.

With 89 percent of B2B researchers using Google to search for products and services, PPC campaigns with Google Ads can get businesses in front of the right audience, using content that will convert leads.

How B2B campaigns differ from B2C

There are two main ways in which B2B and B2C PPC campaigns differ.
  1. The length of a sales cycle in B2C campaigns is generally quick and requires one action, a sale. The sales cycle is much longer for B2B campaigns since businesses must consider all of their options to find the best fit for their company goals. The longer sales cycle means there’s more opportunity for micro-transactions, brand awareness building, and customer relationship management.
  2. While B2C campaigns will see higher lead volume because it’s full of individuals, B2B campaigns generally see lower lead volume as they’re businesses that must fit certain criteria to be eligible for a product or service.
These two differences mean the PPC strategies in which to approach B2B lead generation will require more time, effort, and relationship management.

Google Ads B2B PPC strategy for lead generation

Generate demand

The start of the campaign process or the first campaign should be devoted to generating demand for a product or service. Don’t assume there are leads ready to make a purchase with a business they don’t know anything about right away. Since B2B PPC campaigns have a longer sales cycle, take that time to offer a unique value proposition and build brand awareness.

Encourage micro-conversions

B2B lead generation doesn’t work by jumping straight to the finish line. Instead, a B2B PPC strategy should include micro-conversions to slowly push prospects through the lead funnel while providing value. This could be signing up for a newsletter, completing a short survey, or getting on a quick call to answer questions.

Choose the right bidding strategy

Google Ads offers multiple bidding strategy options depending on the goals of the B2B lead generation campaigns. Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) is a bidding strategy where Google automatically adjusts a business’s bids. This is a good option for new campaigns with low conversion rates.

Maximize Clicks is an automated bidding strategy that gets businesses the most clicks. The focus isn’t on conversions but rather building brand awareness. For a PPC B2B lead generation campaign with the goal of expanding the reach and building brand awareness, Target Impression Share is a good option.

Google Ads can set bids for a business with the Maximize Conversions strategy. Here the goal is to get the most conversions using a business’s set daily budget. Conversions are a great goal for the middle or lower funnels when some rapport with the prospect has already been achieved.

Optimize the landing page

It would be awful to put that much effort into PPC B2B lead generation just to have it fall through when prospects hit the landing page. This page must do many things, such as:
  • Hook the reader
  • Provide value
  • Build brand awareness
  • Lead to a CTA

Work with a PPC agency

There’s nothing quite as foolproof as reaching out to Pedestal Search and working with experts in the PPC ads area. At Pedestal Search, we have programs in place to help any business leverage Google Ads to convert. Contact us today.


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Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

Aaron Levenstadt

CEO & Founder

Aaron Levenstadt completed his degree in Statistical & Data Science at Stanford University. That focus has given him an unparalleled data-driven approach to search engine digital marketing. Prior to founding Pedestal Search, Aaron worked at Google at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View California. At Google he worked on the Organic Search, Paid Search and Google Analytics products, which equipped him with extensive knowledge of the mechanisms driving Google’s algorithm and other internet search engines.