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Understanding Law Firm SEO can Increase Client Count

Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder

August 15, 2022 | 5 Min Read

Article updated on April 11, 2023

Bringing in new clients is the lifeblood of any law firm, and the internet is where you will find them. Lawyers who understand the law firm search engine optimization purpose (SEO) are much better positioned to attract new clients to their firm. This article will look at law firm SEO: why SWO is important, how to implement it, and what you can do to increase your firm’s visibility and attract new business.

Why SEO is important for your law firm

Law firms face a unique challenge with SEO: the number of searches for legal services is very low, while the competition to win those potential clients is extremely high. For example, a single click on a legal search ad can cost upwards of eighty dollars, while an average search ad cost per click is around two dollars.

The stronger strategy would be to rank as highly as possible in search results and attract the natural traffic (known as organic traffic) that comes from being at the top of the list. Lawyer SEO marketing, when approached with an understanding of this competitive challenge, can become one of the biggest lead generators for your firm.

How the top-ranking law firms in your area are outranking you

People are hunting for lawyers using search engines like Google or Bing. Those search engines take the user’s search inquiry and match it as best they can to a website that contains those same words or something very similar.

Firms seeing higher rankings and website traffic are concentrating on attracting clients in a particular geographic area. This technique, known as local SEO, emphasizes optimizing their sites for searches in their state or city. In this way, these lawyers are no longer competing with the whole world for clients.

Geo-targeting means that each firm is contending with fewer competitors and that their clients will be easier to serve when they win them. Think of local SEO as advertising in a local newspaper instead of the Washington Post. In the Post, your ad might be lost in the shuffle. In your local paper, you could afford a larger ad and are more likely to be found by people who really need you.

7 benefits professional SEO services offer law firms

Local search engine optimization for law firms comes with several benefits that will increase your visibility and help you grow.
  1. You’ll attract more traffic and leads on autopilot. Your SEO continues working while you sleep because the internet is always running. It doesn’t matter if you’re not at your desk when your next client searches for you. A good search engine optimization will ensure that form and information are in place, encouraging them to convert to a client.
  2. You’ll establish your firm as a thought leader in your city and cement your firm as a legal authority in your industry. Increasing your online content will solidify the idea in your client’s minds that you are the authority in your area in your legal niche. If you are top-of-mind for handling divorce cases, your current clients will be more likely to refer new business, and prospective clients will be more likely to take that first meeting.
  3. You’ll attract more interest from your Google My Business profile. Google My Business profiles encourage you to connect with your local community by posting community content. You become top-of-mind when your possible client starts thinking about a lawyer in town.
  4. You’ll rank higher than your competitors, increasing the number of high-quality leads clicking through to your website.
  5. You’ll have a more substantial chance of converting new (and existing) business. Potential clients who have heard about you and know you’re active in your business will be more likely to visit your site. Your current customer base will also be more likely to call or fill out a form on your website.
  6. Part of local SEO is publishing more positive client reviews. This technique will further your reputation in the minds of those searching for a legal professional.
  7. You’ll have better, more interesting content. Your blog doesn’t have to be dry. Great story-telling showcasing your talent will help you keep folks on your site longer, increasing your chances of them calling you.
The road to winning a new client is not necessarily a straightforward one. Your clients need to hear from you and see you active until such time as they need your help. Local SEO techniques will do just that.

Paid search services for law practices

With all that groundwork laid, law firm PPC comes into play as an effective and strategic method of generating highly qualified traffic. An excellent pay-per-click consultant for lawyers will be able to optimize your ads for maximum return on investment.

What is PPC for law firms?

PPC marketing for law firms sets up ads on the internet and the firm pays for each click-through to their site. On Google SERPs, the advertisement displays at the top of the page, with your title, value proposition, description, image, contact info, and other pertinent information:

sample ppc ad - how it looks

When properly optimized, PPC advertising campaigns attract high-quality traffic to your site because people searching for your business are in need of your services. In conjunction with a well-designed landing page complete with a call-to-action (a form, link, or telephone number), your high-quality traffic is more likely to convert to a solid lead for your business.

The real beauty of combining PPC advertising with SEO is synergy. When clients search for legal services, they will not only see your listing at the top but they will also see your ad at the top of the advertising returns.

Comparing features and benefits of seo and ppc services

This extra exposure and visibility will impress searchers and increase your chances of having that client visit your site or call. PPC marketing for law firms coupled with professional SEO services for law practices is an unbeatable combination.

What can a law firm SEO company do for you?

Professional SEO services will first analyze your digital assets and marketing with a full SEO audit and assessment. An SEO company will then examine your competitors’ performance and strategies.

From this data, your SEO team will craft a strong strategy for your firm to establish itself as a local legal authority and active community member. Your legal SEO experts will analyze performance as your firm climbs higher in search engine ranking. They will further hone their approach to ensure that your legal website ranks at the top of search engine results.

Contact Pedestal Search for a Growth Boost

Are you interested in building your legal firm? Make the most of law firm SEO with a free consult today. We’ve worked with the legal industry and understand the motivation that users have when searching, so we can help compile an effective list of high-value keywords.

Law firm marketing OPO

Question #1: What are the benefits of SEO for law firms?

Answer: Optimizing a law firm’s content with SEO strategies offers many benefits. You’ll see an increase in lead traffic due to engaging content, more brand awareness as an expert in the industry using informative keywords, visibility through Google My Business profiles as users search for related businesses, higher-quality leads because of the targetted content, increased conversion and customer loyalty through published client reviews, better brand reputation with lots of relevant, consistent content, and overall amazing content that supports your competitive edge and can be used across different platforms to intrigue leads.

Question #2: How does a pay-per-click consultant help lawyers improve their business?

Answer: Pay-per-click (PPC) consultants have the experience to optimize ads that drive maximum return on investment. PPC ads are only paid for when a user clicks through to the link, making for an affordable and efficient lead generation tactic. Creating PPC ads with a consultant will raise the chances of users clicking on the link. Just because the ad is promoted at the top of the search engine result page (SERP), doesn’t mean it will be clicked on. That’s why PPC consultants are necessary: to develop eye-catching content. PPC consultants help not only with the ad itself but also with the landing page it leads users to. The landing page should also be optimized with relevant content and an enticing call-to-action.


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Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

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