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Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder

April 30, 2015 | 5 Min Read

Article updated on April 15, 2019

The importance of the online world continues to grow. Developing a sound digital marketing strategy and online positioning plan is vital.  People conduct 210 million searches on Google every hour.

Google Searches Pedestal Hourly

To connect these searches with results, Google ranks pages. The search engine results page displays the results starting with top rank. User experience and search query relevance are among the core Google ranking signals. The higher you rank, the more traffic you attract.


As a professional service provider, ranking high on Google is essential. Strong ranking has two key effects:
  1. Making your business more discoverable.
  2. Making your business more credible.

When working with professional service providers such as Lawyers, Dentists or Optometrists, Pedestal has helped these professionals better leverage the Internet to grow their practices by strategizing and executing tailored digital marketing programs


Why Is Search Important For Professional Service Providers?

Pedestal has experience with professional service providers. This allows us to identify key avenues and benefits for their services. Below are three key reasons why developing a Digital Marketing strategy is crucial:

1) Practice Growth

Pedestal’s work has helped grow various practices through digital channels. Clients often approach us with the goal of leveraging Google to get new clients. At the point of talking to us, however, they are not ranking for relevant keywords. Getting ranked on key terms will be essential to their SEO plan.


Pedestal starts with a comprehensive analysis & SEO audit of the client’s website. We conduct necessary keyword research and implement essential internet strategies.

2) Establishes yourself as a credible and authoritative expert

The top results are the most credible to users. Placing high on search for relevant keywords is important because it inspires trust. That translates into traffic, as almost all clicks go to the top three positions.


A digital marketing strategy that helps you rank positions you as a credible expert.

3) Recruiting

Young professionals graduating from top programs start the job hunt with Google. Ranking high for relevant terms is also beneficial for employee acquisition.

Which Digital Services Are the Best to Leverage

Local SEO

Businesses that target a geographical area, should be implementing Local SEO. Local SEO allows prospective customers to find information about service providers near them.


Potential customers are searching near you. Local SEO strategy must be implemented to capture them while they are in the purchase phase.


Searchers seeking your professional service are more inclined to click on local results. In turn, Google gives preference to local SEO.


Establishing Local SEO is vital to grow the practices of professional service providers. Without local SEO your business is missing out on potential clients nearby.

Mobile SEO: Receiving Calls From Search Results

As mobile usage continues to grow, there has been a shift in search queries. Today, more searches happen on mobile phones than any other device. 60% of all searches occur online, according to a Hitwise study.


Mobile use is dominating the search market. As a result, a mobile search strategy is imperative to acquire new clients. 61% of users call immediately after finding a top result. Call conversions are crucial for professional services as they convert into an appointment at a 50% rate.


Pedestal has a proven track record for creating innovative SEO strategies for professional service providers. For a complimentary assessment contact us today.

Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

Aaron Levenstadt

CEO & Founder

Aaron Levenstadt completed his degree in Statistical & Data Science at Stanford University. That focus has given him an unparalleled data-driven approach to search engine digital marketing. Prior to founding Pedestal Search, Aaron worked at Google at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View California. At Google he worked on the Organic Search, Paid Search and Google Analytics products, which equipped him with extensive knowledge of the mechanisms driving Google’s algorithm and other internet search engines.