Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Looking for the fastest way to online success? Pedestal’s Pay-Per-Click systems and services enable your business to drive traffic, sales and leads immediately. Over 70% of searches for your business could result in a purchase or an action within an hour of the search. Experience faster ROI and growth with Pedestal’s long-tail keyword system and targeted pay-per-click marketing strategies. Drive the most relevant traffic at the lowest cost with proprietary search techniques alongside real search expertise. PPC strategies across all platforms: Search, Social, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Verizon, & More.

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Search Engine Optimization

Create healthy and sustainable growth with optimized content, site structure, and meaningful link building to spur organic growth. Harness the power of Search Engines to make a lasting impact on your business. Leverage the biggest driver of traffic and business growth in the modern era. Pedestal experts craft and execute on strategies to drive traffic from Search to earn profitable organic traffic and convert it into revenue.

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Website Optimization and Migration

Position your site for success. Create the foundations for successful PPC and SEO with exceptional website optimization and development. Pedestal experts help you maximize your online performance.

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Chronic Ink Tattoo Digital Marketing Case Study Banner
Featured Case Study

Tattoo Shop Goes From to Relying on Word of Mouth To A 2+ Year Wait List

“Pedestal customized a strategy for our tattoo shops that was in line with our marketing goals and they have delivered on their promises. More importantly, they have driven more leads to our business via search.”

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