86% of people will avoid the products or services of a brand that has negative online reviews

The top five search results get more than 75% of the clicks and approximately 100% visibility

Why Partner With Pedestal For Your Online Reputation Management Strategy Needs?

Pedestal Search was founded by an Ex-Googler, and we understand how devastating negative press or reviews at the top of search results can be. With our deep understanding of how search engines work, we also understand how to shape search results. Where negative results can’t be erased, we put together programs to keep them out of sight. Our proven LIFT SEO System will help to ensure your top search results are ones that cast you in a positive light. We make use of SEO-driven PR outreach tactics to get positive mentions of your brand on respected websites to help change the conversation and the search landscape.

Pedestal’s Online Reputation Management Services

Search Engine-Driven PR

One of the best ways to move negative search results out of sight is to get positive content written about your brand on respected websites and optimize them for search. We connect with industry publications and high-domain authority sites to pitch, write and publish positive articles that rank higher than the negative content harming your brand.


We write positive content for your website using our 4-step SEO System to overtake negative search results. Our strategy is informed by your industry, your competitors, and the online search landscape so your positive content ranks quickly and earns more traffic. Click here to learn more about LIFT SEO.

Clean Up Your Backlink Profile

If your website’s search rankings have taken a dive, you may have accumulated backlinks from spammy websites. We use best-in-class tools to identify links from low-quality websites and nullify the effect they have on your search presence.

Ready to Clean Up Your Digital Footprint?

Let’s discuss your SEO reputation management goals.

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