Pedestal Search was founded by former Google employees who worked directly on the paid search product. We have an insider’s perspective on how all the moving parts of paid search marketing works. Pedestal works clients to maximize their PPC investments, discovering and targeting high-intent audiences to increase ROI.


The Pedestal PPC Advantage

PPC Strategy

Our targeted pay-per-click marketing strategies ensure we not only reach your target audience at the lowest cost but discover new audience insights as well. We drive the most relevant traffic with our proprietary search marketing techniques and long-tail keyword system.

Founded by Ex-Googlers

Our founders worked directly on the paid search product at Google. Our Premier Google Partner status ensures that we are always up to date with changes to the platform and have access to the tools that supercharge your campaigns.

Display and Video Ads

Along with standard Google search ads, we can also manage your display and video ad campaigns. We constantly test your ads on social and display networks to discover and focus on the one that brings you the maximum ROI.

Rigorous Testing and Optimization

When developing your ad copy we test many variations against each other to identify messaging that converts for your brand. We regularly assess your campaign’s CPL to determine how we can get it even lower.

Combined Organic and Paid Campaigns

Along with PPC, we can also manage Paid Social campaigns as well as organic SEO content production for your business in tandem. We use the insights we gain from one area of your digital marketing to inform the other channels.

Featured Case Study

Pedestal’s Online-to-Offline Traffic Driving Program Brings More Shoppers To Cadillac Fairview Malls

Pedestal ran a series of PPC campaigns for Cadillac Fairview with the intent of getting more ready-to-buy consumers to visit their malls. Within six months they earned:

  • +25% overall store visits from paid search.
  • 50% of paid search clicks resulted in an in-store visit.
  • Between 800 – 1000% improvement in CF Organic store page discovery rate.
  • +490% ROI.
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