Search Benchmark Assessment

A search benchmark assessment identifies where your website currently ranks for core keywords as compared to your competitors. With this information, you will be better positioned to understand the search landscape and where immediate opportunities for rank increases exist.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO uncovers developmental aspects on your website that are less than optimal for Search Engine discoverability. Some examples include broken links, 404 errors, site speed issues, mobile responsiveness and search engine accessibility.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO factors communicate critical information to Google. By neglecting this aspect of SEO, you will miss out on significant ranking opportunities. This section of the Audit focuses on questions such as: Do your web pages have properly optimized SEO tags? Is the text on each page informative, substantial and rich in SEO relevant keywords? Does your website have a blog and is it being used in a search-optimized manner?

Local SEO*

If applicable to your business, this section of the Audit will determine your website’s visibility on local search results. Honing in on factors such as an existing Google My Business page (Microposting + Images) and the use of targeted local keywords, opportunities for leveraging your website’s ranking in local search are identified.


If applicable, the presence audit reviews your website’s current performance and presence across social media channels. Insights and recommendations are identified on how to better leverage your presence on Search through content distribution on social media.

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