Planning Major Website Changes?

We manage your website transition using SEO-friendly practices so that your company doesn’t lose any of its hard-earned traffic.

  • New Website: We guide search engines to link old search results to your new pages.
  • Changes to Core Webpages: We help mitigate the loss of traffic that can result from major changes to your webpages.
  • Rebranding: We help search engines understand that your new identity is associated with the old one as you transition over.
  • Restructuring: We ensure that search engines properly recognize where pages have moved when you restructure your site.
  • Web Address Change: We ensure that your new web address properly redirects to your new one to avoid losing any traffic.

Website Optimization and Development at Pedestal

SEO Audit

For search engines to properly index your website there are certain technical factors that need to be in place. We run an audit using our proprietary analysis tool to correct errors and implement optimizations.

Website Development

The team at Pedestal is well-versed in webpage building, with experience working in the popular website building tools such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace and many more. We will work within your branding guidelines to modify and build static pages for your website.

SEO-Optimized Site Structure

Search engines use algorithms to help them understand your website, and you can aid in this process by making sure your webpage structure is optimized. We help arrange your webpages and employ an internal link structure to set your site up for success.

Site Migration

If you are moving your existing website to a new web address you can lose all of your existing search rankings if you don’t optimize the migration for SEO. We have successfully migrated sites for many of our clients ensuring they lost none of their existing success in search engines.

Pedestal’s LIFT SEO System

Our LIFT SEO Program is designed to attract profitable organic traffic to your website. We execute a content marketing strategy informed by your industry, your competitors, and the online search landscape so you appear higher in search rankings and earn more clicks. Click here to learn more about our Lift SEO System.

Web Optimization Case Study

Infoware Group – A Growing B2B SaaS Company Achieves a 142.1% Increase in Demo Requests

Pedestal redesigned and optimized Infoware’s website for SEO, along with running our LIFT SEO Content System to boost their search engine ranking. Within six months they experienced a 73.2% increase in organic traffic and a 141.2% increase in demo requests.

Read the Case Study

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