The Google Mobile Algorithm Update Is Coming: Is Your Site Mobile-Ready?

Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder

March 16, 2015 | 5 Min Read

Article updated on August 25, 2022

Beginning on April 21, 2015 Google is making major algorithmic changes. This algorithm update affects how their search ranking system determines rank. Google has announced that increasing a site’s mobile friendliness will be a significant contributor to ranking for any query on mobile devices. Moreover, Google has stated that their ranking algorithm will label each site as mobile friendly or not. As a result, incorporating a mobile friendly site in your digital marketing strategy is more crucial than ever before. Below we discuss different steps you can take to begin preparing your website so that you don’t lose traffic.

How to Prepare for Google’s Mobile Changes

Google has given webmasters information on how to adapt to these algorithmic changes. As a result, it is essential to follow the mobile friendly guidelines Google lays out. There is no better way to start this process than to use Google’s mobile-friendly tester. This tool analyzes websites based on their mobile friendliness and deciphers whether they match Google’s criteria. For non-mobile-friendly sites, the program outlines the major issues. It also gives you a representation of how your page would be seen on a mobile device. As well, the test provides the website owner with steps to make the page mobile friendly. Use this tester to establish what improvements your site needs before the algorithm change launches. With the major problems highlighted, you must develop a sound strategy to implement these changes are properly. As well, there are other critical avenues that must be examined to best achieve mobile friendliness. At Pedestal, we have a proven track record for creating innovative SEO strategies that heavily incorporate mobile friendliness. To learn how to best adapt your website to these upcoming changes, contact us for a complimentary assessment.


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Aaron Levenstadt CEO & Founder at Pedestal Search

Aaron Levenstadt

CEO & Founder

Aaron Levenstadt completed his degree in Statistical & Data Science at Stanford University. That focus has given him an unparalleled data-driven approach to search engine digital marketing. Prior to founding Pedestal Search, Aaron worked at Google at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View California. At Google he worked on the Organic Search, Paid Search and Google Analytics products, which equipped him with extensive knowledge of the mechanisms driving Google’s algorithm and other internet search engines.