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Why Your Toronto Business Needs an SEO Agency

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November 8, 2021 | 5 Min Read

Article updated on July 8, 2022

These days, SEO is important anywhere in the world. However, not all markets are created equal. If your organization is operating out of Toronto, that means you’re competing in a huge, tech-savvy, ahead-of-the-curve market.    Here’s why searching for “SEO Agency Near Me” is the best way to beat that competition in one of the hottest business landscapes in North America.  

Working the Nine to 6ix

So what makes Toronto different from any other city in Canada—or North America for that matter—when it comes to online advertising? Just like the Raptors and Blue Jays are Canada’s only sports leagues to represent the Great White North in continent-wide leagues, Toronto-based organizations are usually the only organizations to compete for major international business. This makes Toronto a hotspot for numerous industries—but also a hotbed of intense competition. If you’re involved in any of the following industries, your Toronto Google Adwords is probably an active battlefield.  

#1 Tech 

Toronto is one of the fastest-growing tech markets in North America, pulling the rest of Ontario along in its wake. Toronto’s creation of tech jobs actually manages to outstrip the ability of Canadian graduates to fill them, leading to a surge in tech immigration to the city. From downtown tech startups to big ICT companies out in the greater York region, Toronto is a plain techy place. And you better believe that all those tech-savvy entrepreneurs know just how important SEO is to finding success.   

#2 Finance

Toronto is the center of finance in Canada and is only rivaled by New York when it comes to the business of doing business. The financial heart of Canada beats somewhere around downtown King Street Toronto. And all those tech companies we mentioned above delving into Fintech make the city even more attractive to the finance crowd.   

#3 Media

Toronto might be fighting tooth and nail with Vancouver for the title of “Hollywood North”, but we’re going to call this one a win for Toronto, based solely on TIFF alone. Toronto might be best known for its media giants, such as the CBC, Rogers, and Chorus, but there is also a healthy growth of smaller digital media companies out there. Born and raised in a digital landscape, this new wave of media is highly SEO savvy.  

#4 Retail

We’re not talking about the Eatons Center, as iconic as it is. From Danforth to the Annex, the backbone of Toronto’s daily business life is the small and medium businesses that sell great food, cool clothes, and all sorts of other wonders. With such a competitive business landscape, Google Adwords has become the battleground where these companies duke it out to gain dominance over the 6ix.   

Making it in T.O.

Whether you run a coffee shop or a major financial institution, Toronto is a highly competitive geographic market. The local government prides itself on how much of a booming business town Toronto is, a range of incentives. Beyond the sheer number of businesses, as we’ve outlined, Toronto is a pretty tech-savvy city. This means that your competition will have plenty of technical and creative know-how when it comes to SEO. So how can you possibly compete? Hire a local SEO agency.   Whether brushing up on your technical SEO, helping you organize an SEO campaign, or just making your store show up more often on google searches, a digital marketing agency can give you the edge you need.   More importantly, they can give you an edge that lasts in the long term. Toronto is a city that is always on the move, and that means that your SEO strategy needs to be able to keep up.


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